Board of Management

Swansea Town Hall community centre consists of following Board of Management. Please click to read more about each Board of management.

Information & Membership

Swansea Town Hall Board of Management is comprised of 16 members: 6 appointed members from the Town Hall’s founding community groups as indicated below*, 9 community elected members and the current Ward 4 City of Toronto Councillor.  Board recruitment for the community elected posts takes place annually.  If you would like more information about this process and how to apply to serve on the Board, feel free to contact us.

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Board Structure Flowchart

Board Structure Flowchart

Current Board Members

J. Slaughter

Nominee of the Swansea Community Recreation Centre Advisory Council

Vice Chair
M. Peddle

Community elected

R. Hamilton

Community elected

A. Kailie

Community elected

M. Bhargava

Nominee of the Swansea Horticultural Society

R. Gokhale

Community elected

R. Hamilton

Community elected

A. Hazard

Community elected

M. Meng

Nominee of the Swansea Historical Society

J. Montgomery

Community elected

A. Morton

Nominee of the Swansea Area Seniors’ Association

M. Netzel

Community elected

W. Roberts

Nominee of the Swansea Area Ratepayers Association

N. Setacci

Community elected

E. Stanley

Community elected

G. Perks

City Councillor, Ward 4

Executive Director
S. Doucette
Assistant Executive Director
D. Gascho
Not on Board of Management

Meetings & Minutes

The Town Hall Board of Management meetings are open to the public.  All Board members are required to declare if they have a conflict of interest in advance of the meeting.  Declaration should be presented to the meeting chair in advance of the meeting.

2024 Board of Management Schedule of Meetings

Declaration of Conflict of Interest

Guidelines To Follow When Making a Declaration of Interest

Past Meetings

Annual General Meeting Minutes

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