Swansea Area Seniors Association (S.A.S.A.)

Are you over 55?  Are you looking for activities to keep you fit, meet friends or increase your brain power?  We have exactly what you are looking for so come visit us at Swansea Town Hall!  We are SASA (Swansea Area Senior’s Association). 

Located on the lower level of Swansea Town Hall, we offer a variety of programs and services geared towards seniors.  Programs include Multimedia (ie Art), Fitness (ie Osteofit, Zumba, Yoga) and more.  Additional information including membership fees, class fees, and programs can be found in our quarterly newsletter.  

The class will focus on spinal health, the breath and connecting body, mind, soul and heart.
This class draws from Tai chi, ballet and the healing principles of physiotherapy.
Join us for a mixture of dance styles including ballroom, cha-cha, line dance, meringue and waltz.
This class explores traditional and new techniques of drawing and painting using different media.
Lots of fun, great way to keep moving and stay strong.
This ancient practice is like Tai-Chi, only easier to learn!
Swansea Community Lunches – Cancelled until further notice.
Join us for this ancient practice to improve balance, memory, co-ordination and circulation.
Great for strength and mobility, this gentle yoga will help improve your mobility and help you feel good.
Combining Yoga and Pilates to focus on the breath, proper alignment and our core muscles.

Please contact us at
(8am to 10pm Mon-Fri and 9am to 5pm Sat)

Contact us for more information on room rentals, programs & community services at Swansea Town Hall Community Centre