Swansea Horticultural Society

The Swansea Horticultural Society is a friendly, informal group that promotes the protection and beautification of our environment in the Swansea community.  The Society has flourished for 75 years and their deep roots in the community continues to grow. Please call or contact us at swanseahorticulturalsociety@gmail.com.

The Swansea Horticultural Society holds events which include informative guest speakers, flower shows and field trips.  They also promote fun filled community projects throughout the year.  Their Annual Spring Plant Sale is a big hit within the Swansea community.

Membership Information

New members are always welcome!  Become a “green thumb” for only $20 a year, or $25 for the entire family.  To join the Swansea Horticultural Society please download and complete the membership form below. 

Scheduled Meetings

The Swansea Horticultural Society meets on a monthly basis at 7:30pm in the Rousseau Room, on the main floor. 

Please contact us at
(8am to 10pm Mon-Fri and 9am to 5pm Sat)

Contact us for more information on room rentals, programs & community services at Swansea Town Hall Community Centre