Calvary Chapel Garcia

Calvary Chapel Gracia is a Christian Church that belongs to the Calvary Chapel movement (with more than 1.800 fellowships throughout the world), with emphasis on the verse-by-verse exposition of the Bible.

Our Church is a Spanish speaking Church that started in Toronto in 2022 with the Latin American people in mind who live in this city. We know that Toronto is a multicultural city, and the home for thousands of immigrants who come under different circumstances. Whatever the reasons, we believe that God has a plan for everyone: know His son Jesus and His plan of salvation for the human race.

As a Christian Church, in our services we study the bible verse by verse, we sing worship songs to God (Father, Jesus Christ and Holy Spirit), and spend time together like a family in Christ, all in Spanish. So, if you are Latin American or speak Spanish, you are not alone in Toronto. We invite you to join us every Sunday at 11am in the Village Room (Ravine Floor), to know God and what his purpose is for you.

God Bless You.

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Please contact us at
(8am to 10pm Mon-Fri and 9am to 5pm Sat)

Contact us for more information on room rentals, programs & community services at Swansea Town Hall Community Centre