Sparrow Baptist Church

Sparrow Baptist Church started July 2018. Our focus is the worship of Christ through the singing of traditional hymns and by listening to the practical Bible teaching and preaching of our pastor.

We believe our God is ever-present and we strive to make faith a part of our daily lives.

We are respectful but not overly formal in our worship. We encourage participation by collectively singing the songs, sharing prayer requests and the resulting answers to prayer.

We are hungry to listen to the Bible lessons, in fact, each person is encouraged to bring their own Bible weekly.

We cultivate a healthy and happy community of believers by taking the time in this busy life to check on each other and by occasionally having lunch together after the morning service. It is a great time to celebrate our faith in Christ and to share our diverse ethnic foods! Come try us out.

You may find an invitation to Sparrow Baptist Church on your door, in your mailbox, or even by one of our excited members asking you to join us some Sunday. Respectful. Practical. Biblical.

We are striving together for Authentic Christianity.

Sundays, 10:00am – 12:00pm
Council Chamber, 2nd floor

Midweek Bible Study
Wednesdays, 6:00-7:00pm
Hague Room, 2nd floor

Please contact us at
(8am to 10pm Mon-Fri and 9am to 5pm Sat)

Contact us for more information on room rentals, programs & community services at Swansea Town Hall Community Centre